The Raffe Method

Sharing the journey behind our ingredients, products, and future with confidence.


When Lydia, our visionary founder, embarked on her journey with Raffe, she had a singular mission in mind: to ensure her own children and kids everywhere have access to clear and pure vitamins that were vegetable dense- not made of fruit and sugar. And so, the first step was born—to create a groundbreaking daily multivitamin, one that draws from the latest research on common dietary gaps during various growth stages. Determined to revolutionize the way kids receive their essential nutrients, Lydia joined forces with Military Dental Surgeon, Cpt. Dr. Natalie Campbell. Together, they delved into the issue of sugary vitamins wreaking havoc on children's teeth. Lydia assembled a team of dedicated researchers and nutritionists, and united, they embarked on a journey to reinvent the process of formulating multivitamins for kids.*

Unwilling to be confined by tradition, Lydia and her team forged a path of their own. The Raffe team's process was rooted in evidence, prioritizing absorbable forms and clean ingredients while ensuring effortless usability. And their process bore fruit (Actually, it bore vegetables!): Raffe's first product, the Good Multi + Prebiotic, emerged as the reimagined everyday multivitamin for kids. Today, the Raffe product family is rapidly expanding, catering to the needs of children at every stage of growth.*

Crafting products that meet our stringent standards of quality and efficacy was no easy feat for Lydia and the team. Yet, they understood that all great endeavors require time and dedication. And so, they remained steadfast, doing things their way. In the spirit of transparency and traceability, we now present to you the inner workings of the Raffe method.

Evidentiary Proof

Before even setting foot in the production phase, our in-house science team meticulously examines thousands of human research studies. This tireless pursuit of evidence enables us to discern what should and shouldn't be included in our products. It also guides us in determining the optimal forms of vital nutrients. With countless nutrient variations available, some prove more effective within the body than others. Through rigorous research, we ascertain which forms to incorporate.

Absorption in Mind

In our quest for excellence, we scour the globe in search of the finest nutrient forms. Often, the most efficient forms for the body are the ones naturally found in wholesome foods. Yet, these nutrient types can be elusive, necessitating a worldwide search. Our nutrients truly embody a global essence, such as the Omega-3 DHA algal oil hailing from Canada. We prioritize finding the best forms, leaving the cost considerations for later. Our commitment to quality and price remains unwavering, bolstered by our direct-to-consumer model and operational expertise.

Clean and Clear

As science paves the way, we endeavor to craft not just effective vitamins but clean ones too. Simple, right? Not quite. Upholding our devotion to clean formulations has compelled us to question prevailing standards. Our vendors often find themselves saying, "There's the way we do things, and then there's the way we do things for Raffe." In our unwavering pursuit of genuinely superior products for our children, we never accept "no" as an answer.

Help Parents Be Great(er)

Navigating the path to wellness is challenging enough; your vitamin routine shouldn't add to the complexity. Though the intricacies behind our product development are manifold, we always prioritize user convenience. Take our pod technology and prebiotic innovation in the Good Multi, for example. These inventive multivitamin designs place the desires of parents for their children at the core of our design philosophy.

Similarly, the coupling of our multivitamins with our prebiotic exemplifies our commitment to simple, uncomplicated design. Most of our multivitamins provide intelligent solutions to meet all your needs without compromising on quality or requiring multiple purchases.

Ultimately, at Raffe, our philosophy centers on crafting products that align with your health and seamlessly integrate into your daily life. It should be effortless. And so, we make it just that.